Digital inclusion centers for all ages in Argentina

Students aged 7-80 years old participated in the first phase of the workshops offered at Barriales Technology Centers in 17 different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Last July 27, the first phase of the initiative finished after providing computing training for more than 100 people.

The program, organized by the Ministry of Management and Participation of Rafaela Municipality, gathered both children and seniors to emphasize the relevance of digital inclusion for people from all ages. During the first phase, the curriculum included basic digital literacy skills such as Microsoft Word, main hardware components, internet browsing, sending emails, using social networks and accessing the municipality’s application.

The second phase, to take place beginning in August, will teach further browsing skills and how to establish connections between different devices such as smartphones and computers. The program, known as “La Ciudad en tu Barrio”, recognizes the relevance of digital inclusion for social development and community engagement.

Source: Diario La Opinión