Digital skills are key to consolidate smart cities

Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) launched an initiative to improve digital literacy in underserved communities from Cleveland, USA. The main relevance of this program is that it introduces digital skills of youth and adults as a basic requirement to enable citizens to access smart city services.

The non-profit organization’s strategy relies on collaborating with middle and high-schools to introduce STEM related skills in the students’ curriculums. Additionally, it will provide support for adults to use technology to play an active role in their communities and better manage their digital presence. It is expected that the training can also lead to drive economic development and create jobs for populations from underserved areas.

According to Addie Rimmer, “The WOS goals are to use digital technology to improve the quality of life for residents and utilize a city’s infrastructure more efficiently through the collection and analysis of data. We can help our constituents master digital tools and learn how to manage their digital presence and participation. The end result is a more engaged citizenry.”

Source: Smart Cities World