Caribbean Video Assistance Services groups organizations to enable communication services for persons with disabilities

The Caribbean Telecommunication Union (CTU) announced that its news system to enable communication for persons with hearing and visual disabilities will soon be ready. This solution, known as the Caribbean Video Assistance Services (CVAS) will provide persons with disabilities with a free Personal Universal Communicator application in their personal devices.

The application was built through the collaboration of the government, network operators, regulators and the public sector. While the technical solution was built by a private company called VTCSecure, the implementation of the process will also require online Sign Language interpreters and feedback from persons with disabilities in order to test the process.

Additional support has been suggested by other organizations. For example, the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago has offered to provide access to the application for low-income persons with disabilities through affordable devices and further assistive features. Furthermore, Tobago Information Technology Limited suggested the possibility of using their call center infrastructure to enhance the availability of the service.

Sources: ST Lucia News Online, GAATES