13,000 secondary teachers will receive ICT training in Kaduna, Nigeria

Kaduna State Government in Nigeria launched e-learning secondary school project to train 13,000 thousand teachers in Information and Communication Technology skills. The program seeks to incorporate better ICT guidance for students as part of their main studies curriculum in order to address the digital literacy gap from early ages.

It is relevant to emphasize that the e-learning project will also address access to technology devices. Around 10,000 tablets with over 300 books uploaded will be distributed to students in September, as previously announced by the national government. Teachers will receive the ICT skills course before the first days of school.

According to Mercy Kure, teacher at Queen Amina College Kaduna, “The e-learning initiative is a positive investment that would surely improve teaching and learning in secondary schools, particularly now that students are losing interest in hard copy educational materials. For the teachers it is a job made easy, because books that are not available in libraries or even when they are could not go round are now uploaded in the computer tablets, and the teacher will carry every students along.“

The initiative will both empower students to use digital devices and teachers to guide them on how to better leverage technology for their education.

Source: Leadership