Everyone can learn digital skills through Gamification

One of the main challenges for democratizing access to digital skills knowledge is to find out the best strategies to spread awareness and teach abilities that are useful for specific groups of population. One example of this is gamification, which consists in sharing digital skills through games that increase engagement in the learning process.

Recent programs have taken advantage of this strategy to train children and indigenous peoples:

  • The Minecraft Camp, organized by non-profit Building Blocks for Kids Collaborative and Connected Camps, invites children from underserved regions in Richmond, USA, to learn digital skills through the popular PC game, Minecraft. The game, which consists in building virtual worlds, allows professors from the camp to walk children through the basics of circuits using a Minecraft tool called redstone circuits. Additionally, participants of the course gain access to technology devices that could probably otherwise not be affordable for their families.
  • Indigenous Peoples Week: Gamification #ipw7 is the seventh edition of Planeta.com’s social web storytelling event. The celebration took place in the beginning of August and invited participants – both presenters and managers of indigenous tourism activities assisting the event – to score their own engagement following a set of pre-determined guidelines. Indigenous peoples that participated in the event, received points for diverse activities that range from backing up their hard drives, using smart devices and establishing secure passwords, to using different social media to share pictures and greeting recognized community members at the market.

Sources: News Wabe and Planeta