Community Digital Classrooms leverage technology to empower girls from underserved communities in New Delhi, India

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Plan India non-profit organization is dedicated to generating opportunities for children in underserved communities to learn skills that better prepare them for the future. One of its latest programs, launched in 2015 in partnership with Ericsson, consists in creating Community Digital Classrooms in New Delhi, India to provide quality learning opportunities for women aged 15-25.

To implement the program, the organization has established 15 learning hubs and one resource hub aiming to benefit 15,000 girls over the next three years. Besides from the digital skills that are taught in the classrooms, the program also intends to boost self-confidence in girls from marginalized communities through the contents they learn. The curriculum includes as well other subjects such as English, Math, Science and pre-vocational career counseling.

In this context, the technology that is used enables teachers and students to better communicate thus enhancing the learning experience. Children learn at the same time how to use technology, while accomplishing the regular curriculum for studies. Parents and community members are additionally involved in the process through meetings and counselling sessions.

According to Bhagyashri Dengle, Executive Director of Plan India, “Plan India has been implementing programs that engage, equip and enable girls of all ages to acquire adequate skills and knowledge to succeed in life. This innovative partnership will help young women from our communities’ access best in class learning opportunities within their own communities.”

Source: Your Story