Digital Manifesto calls for New Zealanders to prioritize digital skills

20/20 Trust is a non-profit organization that promotes digital inclusion programs for families, job-seekers and schools in New Zealand. During the second week of September 2017, the organization released a manifesto indicating the need for the whole population to have affordable internet access and the necessary skills to incorporate ICTs into their daily lives.

The main factors recognized by 20/20 Trust to publish this manifesto were the high amount of school children without internet access at home, the exclusion of citizens from access to government services and the need for enhanced business productivity and increased employability. Additionally, according to the organization, 2 out of 10 participants in the Trust’s digital literacy program secured jobs in a period of 12 months.

The Digital Inclusion Manifesto presents eight goals, which are:

  1. Full participation in the digital world
  2. Equitable access to digital technologies
  3. Support to access the internet and develop the necessary skills
  4. Future-focused digital learning opportunities
  5. School leavers with work-ready digital skills
  6. Increased productivity for NZ businesses from digitally skilled staff
  7. Digital skills for a healthy lifestyle
  8. Seniors connected with their families and communities.

The document was created to raise awareness about the relevance of incorporating digital skills as a key component into government programs to boost digital inclusion. It intends to group the demands of diverse organizations to emphasize the importance of skills in areas such as education, employment and business.

Find a full copy of the manifesto and its policy suggestions at 2020 website.

Source: Scoop