International Literacy Day goes digital

Today students can have access to a broad range of tools that, if used correctly, can enable them to think critically and solve problems through constant research and learning. As explained in a post by the American International School of Kingston, “Literacy in the digital age rests on the phenomenon of the scout vs soldier mentality. In short, a soldier carries out orders regardless of the facts presented, or the information as he knows it to be true. A scout, however, investigates in spite of the facts presented or the information as he knows or perceives it to be true.”

This year, during International Literacy Day, many different initiatives took place all over the world promoting activities to enhance the digital skills of the population. For example, in Pakistan, the Citizen Foundation created an online digital platform to promote skills for women and out of school girls receiving an international award due to its use of digital tools for monitoring and evaluating the program. As explained by the organizers of the program, students can have access to more and better learning materials if they know how to use digital tools.

Another example is the Literacy Project for Factory Workers in Cambodia which was organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) and UNESCO, in cooperation with the Ministry of Women Affairs, Sipar, Smart Telecom and other partners. This program provided 166 women from 11 factories with basic literacy class activities supported by an online app to enable participants to use technology for accessing lifelong learning resources.

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