New assistive technology computer lab for youth with disabilities in Kenya

 inABLE and Microsoft philanthropies opened an assistive technology computer lab at the Likoni School for the Blind in Kenya following up on a previous project launched in 2009. The initiative will enable more than 500 youth with disabilities to access ICT devices for improving their education.

The training provided at the school will include not only basic access to computers, but also more advanced skills such as coding, website and creative products development. The students will provide feedback to the organization in order to continuously improve the user experience of the accessibility software.

The Computer-Lab-for-the-Blind program is a result of the collaboration between the two non-profit organizations and the Kenyan government through the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of ICT. The collaboration between public institutions and inABLE has continued to develop through 2016 and 2017. Additional support will be provided by Strathmore University iLab, which will conduct research to measure the impact of the training programs to enhance the policy-making process.

The project is expected to grow and reach more schools in the future.

Source: KBC