Digital skills for seniors in Latin American countries

Access to digital skills and devices is today a very valuable asset for the senior population. It empowers them to share their opinions, use tools to communicate, search for information and access services or products that would otherwise not be available.

This issue has been recognized in some Latin American countries, where different digital inclusion programs for seniors have been implemented. For example, during the last week of September 2017, Uruguayan Plan Ibrapitá was launched for the second time to provide seniors with access to tablets and digital skills training. Another relevant case is Plan +Simple from Argentina, which similarly generated a lottery for retired seniors to apply for access to digital devices and training.

While using these technologies can certainly be useful for seniors to perform basic tasks such as communicating with their families or browsing for audiovisual contents, there are other more important benefits such as access to medical services. For instance, remote healthcare services might spare seniors  the burden of travelling long distances to visit their doctors, enable them to monitor their health status or to receive faster support in case of emergencies.

Sources: lr21Cronica