Samasource promotes employment through digital skills to boost growth in underserved communities

Leila Janah, from Samasource non-profit, published a new book called “Give Work” in which she argues that providing persons from underserved communities with jobs is more effective than providing traditional cash incentives. Based on this argument, her organization provides digital training opportunities for communities in Kenya to connect workers with digital work opportunities with companies such as Getty Images.

Samasource has supported around 35,000 people to increase their family income from $2 to $8 dollars a day, sometimes even encouraging participants to eventually move to other jobs leveraging their digital skills. What is mostly relevant, however, is that the benefits of the program are normally sustained for three years or more after the end of the training.

The author of the book also suggests a website called Give Work Guide that lists companies working to support responsibly-made products that invest in similar development activities. This represents a great opportunity for persons from underserved communities that learn digital skills as an alternative to increase their income through jobs that require basic ICT knowledge.

Source: Fast Company