Colombian Library Bus brings satellite internet to indigenous communities

The Regional Center for Promoting Books in Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLALC in Spanish) developed the Library Bus project to provide indigenous communities from Huila Department, Colombia with access to satellite internet and online contents. The Bibliobus Comfamiliar drives through the villages providing children and visitors from the community with free access to cultural contents and communication through ICT devices.

This program is currently supporting 24 towns from the area and provides access to 22 computers at a time. The main relevance of the program consists in the fact that it reaches rural communities where access to telecommunication services is not common given the lack of infrastructure. According to Tania Beatriz Peñafiel, Leader of Educational Services at Comfamiliar, the program will continue to be implemented given its high success that consists in leveraging satellite internet as a strategy to promote literacy and access to ICTs.

Source: Tu semanario