Thailand will train 1,000 digital literacy trainers and expand broadband infrastructure in rural areas

The Digital Economy and Society Ministry of Thailand announced its aim to train 1,000 digital literacy trainers from non-formal schools in 6 months to share their knowledge among 24,700 communities by April 2018. The initiative will take place in parallel to current efforts to expand access to infrastructure for broadband services.

The trainers will be prepared with digital literacy basic skills for everyday tasks and business. Through their mentorship, the government expects to enable people from underserved communities to access online channels for distributing their goods and further government services. Additionally, a plan was announced to improve government e-services through technology solutions to enable underserved population to access remote health and education support.

One of the key features to highlight from this plan is that ICTs are useful for the population only when many factors are taken into consideration, including infrastructure, digital literacy and access to valuable online services.

Source: Nation Multimedia and Bangkok Post