Solar-powered digital literacy center trains students in Kwara State, Nigeria

Lmode community in Oke-Ero local government area of Kwara State, Nigeria, launched a digital literacy center that leverages solar power to provide students and youth with access to ICT training. The center is integrated into a big school bus that provides this service in different primary and secondary schools, inviting students to learn how to use computers in order to enhance their performance at school.

Placing the digital literacy center in a bus with solar panels, enables the project to be sustainable and requires low amounts of energy for operation. The center is fully equipped with 40 laptops, printer and internet connectivity. Moreover, it will enable local students to contact other local inhabitants that have emigrated to other communities thus promoting the preservation of indigenous cultures.

‎With the words of Pastor Joseph Babatunde, President of Imode Development Association (IDA): “I recall with joy that the idea of the provision of a modern IT Centre came to me a couple of years ago when one of my children did the post-JAMB exam in University of Ilorin. The students were all given computers to do the exams. While she breezed through the exams, most of the other children were just starring at the device until the time was over. I felt challenged there and then, to give every child that needed opportunity.”‎

Source: The Nation Online