Australian small and medium businesses embracing digital skills

Deloitte’s recently published Connected Small Businesses 2017 report presented an increase in the digital literacy level of small and medium organizations in Australia. According to the document, 12% of the small businesses in the country no longer have only “basic” digital engagement and have improved their capabilities in areas such as social media, ecommerce, website design, online marketing and data analytics.

Based on a national survey collecting responses from 600 Australian small and medium businesses, those organizations with more advanced digital engagement were 50% more likely to grow in revenue, and obtained 60% more revenue per employee. The results corroborate that the adoption of ICT tools is necessary for small organizations to grow as they adapt to the needs and opportunities of the knowledge society.

As expressed by John O’Mahoney, author of the report, “Engaging with, investing in, and then keeping up with digital can open up significant new opportunities for small and medium businesses in terms of agility, competitive advantage, innovation and growth, regardless of industry and geography.”