Kbuñs seminar promotes critical approaches to digital literacy for improving the Community in Spain

During the last days of October 2017, Kbuñsseminar gathered a group of Spanish youth to explore hands-on digital literacy and promote reflection about the potential of digital tools to develop social programs to boost social collaboration to improve the wellbeing of their local communities. The session was mostly focused on understanding dynamics of technology adoption between different cultures and ages, as well as enhancing youth employment opportunities.

The contents of the seminar, included critical discussions about telecommunications infrastructure and ICT adoption dynamics, followed by the presentation of projects created to apply digital tools for promoting social inclusion. Additionally, participants learned about recent technologies such as 3D printing and educational robotics to promote well-being of vulnerable communities.

Some of the organizations that supported the seminar were Ondula, Fundación Esplai, Red Conecta, Hombre, and Fundación Orange.

Source: El Comercio