HP World on Wheels bus to spread digital literacy in Indian villages

One of the main challenges in increasing digital literacy levels in rural communities is the access to infrastructure for enabling the population to learn and apply tech skills. To address this issue, different organizations have used a variety of solutions to bring technology to underserved and remote communities.

One of the commonly applied schemes consists in the supply of access to IT devices through fully equipped vehicles. For example, currently the HP WoW vehicle is offering space for 20 people to use computers and other IT devices in 18 villages of Ahmedabad, Gujrat. The vehicle is powered by green energy and backed by different software suites and cloud solutions.

The project, sponsored by Hewlett Packard and implemented by the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, provides supplementary e-learning modules and entrepreneurial courses to train youth from different communities to enhance their employability opportunities.

Source: Indiacsr