New devices launched in Argentina to boost ICT accessibility for seniors

The EXO computer manufacturing firm with the support of Microsoft and Intel, launched the “TecnologíaFácil” line of technology devices to boost digital inclusion of seniors in Argentina. The new line of products includes different devices such as a Mobile Diagnostic Center, a Smart Wristband, a smartphone, tablet, pc, notebook and All in One with user-oriented interfaces.

The launch of these devices represents the beginning of a program called “Mi CompuFácil,” through which more services for seniors will continue to be designed. While the line of products is currently being offered only by the private sector, the official release counted with the support of diverse organizations that strive for digital inclusion of seniors, such as Fleni, Fundación Ineco, IPS and ANSES. Further support was provided by the current government’s +Simple program that consists in providing training for elders to use ICTs.

By incorporating devices designed for seniors into the market, more opportunities will likely continue to open as the private sector finds profitability and both governments or civil organizations can get hold of more accessible technologies to improve their programs.

Source:El Comercio