Nokia launched KanchiLoom program to empower Indian weavers through access to ICTs

Last November 20, Nokia announced the launch of the “KanchiLoom” program to empower weavers from Tamil Nadu, India, through access to ICTs. The initiative, organized with the collaboration of Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), will provide 5,000 workers from three villages in the area with internet access and digital skills training.

Participants will learn how to use technology to design and scale-up their businesses by employing ICT tools and connectivity for tasks such as marketing, customer engagement, or sales. According to Amit Marwah, head of Customer Marketing and Communications for Nokia India, “We strongly believe that digital inclusion is an important pillar for socio-economic growth. Our collaboration and support for social development programs focus on the use of technology to enable equal access to opportunities in education and training for all sections of society.”

Additionally, an e-commerce portal will be established for the weavers to strengthen their participation in the market. As explained by Osama Manzar, Founder-Director of DEF, it is expected that the KanchiLoom program will enable entrepreneurs from the region to leverage e-commerce portals and training to help their community learn about new opportunities and growth areas.

Source: First Post