Dominican Republic leveraging ICTs to grow small and medium businesses

In 2017, 500 small business owners and entrepreneurs have received support from Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Small Businesses (MICM in Spanish) to enhance their digital skills and implement technology tools to improve their businesses. This knowledge has been shared through more than 2,500 workshops, 395 conferences, and the delivery of more than 450 specialized devices.

The content of workshops and conferences is adapted to the needs of the entrepreneurs and small business owners, including topics such as geo-referencing, website design, and leveraging social networks for organizations. These events take place mostly in 10 digital hubs for small businesses located in three different regions of the country to provide regular training and in-person support.

This initiative seeks to promote the creation of a strong digital economy, while supporting other similar actions such as the Digital Alphabetization Program for individuals with low digital skills  and the Advanced Digital Education program, which focuses on tools and ideas for businesses to prosper.

Source: El Periodico