Jenga Hub trains children to be innovators and leverage technology for solving issues in their communities

Jenga Hub is a project organized by the non-profit NeghestSumari Foundation in Tanzania, whose aim is to prepare children for the future by providing them with tools and knowledge to learn how to excel in technology skills. The training provided through the program is based in the organization’s headquarters and currently serves 32 children aged 7-12 years old from the areas of Magomeni, Msasani and Mikocheni.

In addition to the training, the organization hosted the Global Children’s Designathon in November 2017, where the children participated with kids from all over the world to come up with solutions to relevant problems such as solving the water shortage of the region. This event was organized with the support of Designathon Works Netherlands, where children are invited to create technological concepts for a better future.

The most relevant characteristic of this program is that it does not only provide children with technology skills, but invites them to come up with solutions. It seeks to prepare them both to create and think about other human factors involved in their solutions.

Source: Daily News