Internet Saathi rural digital literacy program will now provide employment opportunities for its participants

Google India and Tata Trusts announced a new initiative that will serve as an extension of the Internet Saathi program, which teaches rural women from India how to become digital skills tutors to spread tech knowledge among their communities. Through this additional effort, both organizations will provide Internet Saathis with further employment opportunities to continue growing their skills beyond their local areas.

In order to do this, external organizations will be invited to leverage the work skills of the Internet Saathi network to disseminate information and services in rural areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. At this point, already 12,000 Internet Saathis around the country have voluntarily signed up to start projects in their villages and communities.

As explained by the project leads, the natural growth of the program is to generate income-generating opportunities for the women acquiring new skills through the program. It is particularly relevant to emphasize that the Internet Saathi program is currently operating in 12 states and benefiting over 12 million women across rural India. By leveraging the potential of technologies such as smartphones and tablets, they are becoming entrepreneurs and generating change in their neighborhoods.

Source: News18