New Orleans Arts Council recognized for improving youth digital literacy through artistic projects

The Arts Council of New Orleans in USA received the first Digital Equity Challenge Award to recognize its work leveraging youth arts programs to improve digital literacy in the region. The project, called Creative Digital Equity Initiative consists in teaching young people (aged 14-24) tech skills that they can apply in artistic activities of their preference. Later, these skills can be shared with family and neighbors.

As a result, the Arts Council received a $50,000 USD award that will be invested in a 12-week visual and digital media studio for 20 students in partnership with the New Orleans’s Office of Technology and Innovation. The main feature of these workshops is that it not only receives ideas from youth, but also allows them to get engaged in the use of specialized tools to develop their creations.

Some of the skills that students learn at the Arts Council are foundations of art and design, basic digital literacy, and critical communication skills. According to Kim LaGrue, New Orleans’ Chief Information Officer, “With digital equity, the biggest driver is economic opportunities for our citizens.”

Source: Govtech