Library network in Mexico City is modernizing to boost digital inclusion

The Mexican Ministry of Public Education announced 150 hybrid libraries were established by the end of 2017 in Mexico City to provide citizens with access to digital devices and literacy training. During the last year, the library network of the city received 800,000 computers equipped with educational software. While investments to acquire physical books will also continue to take place, the ministry intends to dedicate further resources to improve the digital capabilities in these spaces to offer more opportunities for users.

The digitalization of the library network in the city is part of an initiative called “Vive Tu Biblioteca, Crece tu Conocimiento” (Live your Library, Increase your Knowledge). The project consists in the renovation of libraries including the repairing and renewal of their infrastructure and digital equipment.

This plan will take place in parallel to the elaboration of the Integral Educational Platform @Crecer, which will be a digital tool to support students and teachers to visit diverse educational collections. Access to the platform will be available initially only from the libraries, however, it will later be open to anyone with internet access.

Source:20 minutos