País Digital summit in Argentina to recognize the work of more than 300 digital hubs

The first País Digital federal summit took place last December 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where delegates from more than 300 communities gathered to share their experiences implementing digital literacy hubs in their regions. Through this program, Argentina´s government is attempting to expand digital inclusion in smaller communities with the support of local governments and civil organizations that work daily in underserved regions.

During the event, some of the digital hubs were recognized because of their innovative labor. For example, Kunfi Quirós library managed by a non-governmental organization received an award because of its efforts in promoting digital inclusion with support from the community. The success of this library consists not only in having up-to-date contents, but also in participating as a team to organize social and cultural activities (such as a microcinema for children from the neighborhood) and informatics workshops for students, professors and other members of the community.

Source: Tiempo Sur