Innovation in User Experience Design to drive digital inclusion

An article recently published by Prolific North announced an incoming keynote by Professor Vikas Shah and Dr. Sue Black about Digital Inclusion at the Heart of User Experience to take place at the Camp Digital event 2018 in Manchester. The yearly event invites a series of speakers to discuss about innovation and trends in the field of User Experience design and it is relevant to highlight that digital accessibility is calling attention as a strategy to make technology products available for different groups of the population.

Ultimately, raising awareness about the relevance of accessible design can be a key component to drive the elaboration of technology products that respond to the needs of vulnerable groups such as seniors and persons with disabilities. In fact, researchers from the University of Washington have pointed out in the past that Universal Design focused on addressing the needs of different types of users can actually result beneficial for everyone. Some examples could be the design of technologies to operate devices through voice or the implementation of on-screen keyboards that may be used also as a temporary solution when physical keyboards fail.

Source: Prolific North