Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations presents new Digital Plan and highlights the importance of accessibility for persons with disabilities

The Commission for the Digital Society of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE in Spanish) presented on January 12, 2018 its new Digital Plan 2020 to support the goals established by the European Digital Strategy. The organization, with the collaboration of more than 4,500 business associations, expresses the compromise of the private sector to support government efforts to improve access to digital literacy and infrastructure in the country.

During the launching event, one of the topics that was mainly discussed, was the importance of breaking accessibility barriers faced by persons with disabilities to access technology services. One of the chapters of the Digital Plan for 2020 is focused on breaking barriers for digital inclusion placing a major emphasis on providing persons with disabilities not only with opportunities to use technology, but also with better chances to participate in the activities of the private sector.

According to Virginia Carcedo, Secretary General of the Inserta program at ONCE Foundation, businesses are a necessary strategic ally to help persons with disabilities find employment. However, improving labor inclusion also requires accessibility to new tools that can enable them to better interact with technology.

Source: Equipos y Talento