Pakistan’s government will fund DigiSkills Training Program and the creation of National Incubation Center Karachi

Pakistan’s National Technology Fund approved the awarding of contracts for the DigiSkills Training Program and the creation of the National Incubation Center Karachi. The program is meant to provide training for high-skilled tech professionals to fill in the gap between Industry and Academia, while the Incubation Center consists in an innovation hub that will leverage digital technologies to help startups grow and become competitive in the market.

The courses for the DigiSkills program will include modules related to diverse skills such as digital literacy, online marketing, graphic design, creative writing and e-commerce. What should be highlighted from this program is that it will use artificial intelligence and data driven decision making to match content with trainees’ technology needs. Further training areas will include advanced tech skills related to data science and cyber security, among other fields.

DigiSkills will be available for one million users at no cost and will seek to provide participants with skills to become self-employable. It is based on a former ICT for Girls program implemented by USF Co., which consisted in the establishment of 150 labs to complete with Microsoft 4Cs training program that supports around 35,000 disadvantaged girls every year.

Source: The News and Pakistan Observer