European Commission’s Digital Education Action Plan suggests actions to improve digital literacy by 2020

The European Commission released a fact sheet to address some of its main educational challenges, including lifelong learning, digital literacy and common values. The recommendations respond to the needs of improving educational standards to ensure that European countries are able to grow in the next years, adapt to changes in the market and strive in the digital economy.

Europe’s Digital Education Action Plan is focused on the development of digital skills, knowledge and attitudes for boosting social participation, the adoption of technology in education and the use of data to improve education systems. For this, high-speed broadband connections will be supported for schools and a tool called SELFIE will be scaled-up to help schools incorporate technology in teaching and learning. Additionally, a public awareness campaign on online safety, cyber hygiene and media literacy will take place.

Some other key areas that expect major achievements by 2020 are the promotion of coding, the elaboration of a framework for digitally certified qualifications and the development of programs to address the digital gender divide.

Source: Irish Tech News and European Commission