ICT training for neighbors and tourists in Mar de Plata, Argentina

The government of Mar de Plata, Argentina, signed an agreement to install digital inclusion hubs in beaches, plazas and sport centers to provide neighbors and tourists with training for accessing and utilizing digital technologies. The program counts on the support of the Ministry of Modernization in compliance with the National Plan for Digital Inclusion.

The digital hubs are expected to be used by students of public universities, children and families. Tutors will support participants to use their computers and mobile phones to access online government services and improve their skills using their devices. The training will also include social networking and best security practices to stay safe online.

The initiative is intended not only to provide access to technology, but also to motivate participants to use digital tools to improve their life conditions. It seeks to address the digital breach on its three levels, which are access, use and appropriation of new technologies. While the results of the program are yet to be seen, the uniqueness of this policy relies on targeting youth in leisure locations.

Source: Punto Noticias