Girl Guides Canada launched DeCode program to keep girls safe online

As the celebrations for the Safer Internet Day 2018 begin, Girl Guides Canada launched the new digital literacy program DeCode to help girls understand how to use technology for their daily lives in a safe manner.

DeCode covers topics that range from setting secure passwords and identifying fake online information, to managing their digital identity. These skills will be useful for girls to learn how to access technology resources while taking into consideration the importance of remaining safe online.

According to Jill Zelmanovits, CEO of Girl Guides Canada, “This generation of girls is growing up in a digital society and the role that digital technology plays in their everyday lives is undeniable. Yet, girls have told us that being online puts pressure on them to look and act in a certain way and that they worry about these pressures and their safety. Girls truly want to strengthen their digital know-how so that they’re empowered to navigate the digital world they live in.”

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Source: Newswire