Private sector organizations offer ICT youth skills training in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Vodacom, Cisco and MICT-Seta created the Mobile Education program to offer digital skills training for unemployed youth at Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Through this project, participants are taught how to become ICT entrepreneurs and learn how to install IT equipment in different institutions.

Since 2017, this program has benefitted more than 370 youth across the country. Beneficiaries have received skills training in A+, N+, 3G connectivity, CCNA and IT security. They have also been able to participate in multiple real-life projects with various government institutions, and in many cases, they have secured permanent employment. Others have been supported to develop their business ideas, models and plans through Vodacom’s Innovator Trust.

The organization’s digital literacy program is mostly focused on helping youth learn skills that are needed in the ICT industry. It is based on the premise that better education opportunities are required to address the challenge of unemployment.

Source: RNews