Basic Digital Skills Framework consultation to update UK’s guide for digital inclusion

Tech Partnership and Lloyds Banking Group launched a consultation to update the Basic Digital Skills Framework created in 2015 by Go ON UK. The document was created by a group of partners from academia, private sector, and civil society organizations to bring consensus around what basic digital skills should be promoted for the whole population. It is divided into five areas, which are Information Management, Communication, Transactions, Problem Solving and Creation.

According to Leigh Smyth, leader Group Transformation Culture and Capability at Lloyds Banking Group, “With 11.5 million UK adults currently without basic digital skills, it is imperative that we build a single view of UK capability so all partners and practitioners can work together to provide consistent support to help people with the right skills and understanding. This new framework, developed in collaboration with cross sector organizations in tandem with insight, face to face local support and training will enable essential progress at a national and local level.”

Given the broad variety of technologies used today in the digital economy, the framework responds to the need for defining how to better allocate resources to optimize the results in terms of digital inclusion as an enabler of better quality of life.

The consultation is open until March 20, 2018 for anyone who wants to take part in the discussion.

Sources: Digital Inclusion Blog UK and Basic Skills Framework 2018 Survey