Hogar Conectado pilot program launched in Mexico to evaluate impact of ICTs on underserved households

Beneficiaries of Hogar Conectado - Picture from La Razón newspaper

Beneficiaries of Hogar Conectado – Picture from La Razón newspaper

Hogar Conectado pilot program was launched in Mexico to better understand the impacts of access to digital skills infrastructure and technology on the population. While it is known that access to internet and ICTs represent opportunities to reduce poverty and provide equal conditions for everyone, this initiative seeks to evaluate through a 6-months period how technology translates into better life conditions for its users.

The program will take place with the support of the National Digital Strategy, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, Ministry of Public Policy (Función Pública in Spanish) and Ministry of Social Development. It will consist in providing women from Prospera Social Inclusion program with digital decoders that will enable them to access educational contents stored in their memory and 5 GB of internet in their homes. Participants are expected to use these resources to search for employment opportunities, support their children with homework and access government services.

To prepare participants for the program, beneficiaries received digital and financial skills training at Punto México Conectado digital hubs two times a week for six months in 2017.

Sources:Vertigo Politico and 24 horas