Scottish kids build “Little Lighthouses” to learn technology skills

Digital Xtra Fund from Scotland published a post about the Little Lighthouse program aimed to engage 6-8 aged children in digital skills learning. The program encourages kids to combine computing science and technology with other concepts such as electricity, design, light, and sound by building a lighthouse.

During its first year, the program was brought to 40 schools from the region. In 2018, it will now reach up to 120 primary schools. The expansion will also include training for teachers and free resource kits for 18 schools to deliver the program. According to Aileen Morrison from Stron Primary School, “The resources for science/tech are always a challenge so providing this kit is fantastic. CodeBugs are new to me – learning to use them is really helpful. The kids will love using this”.

The training consists in eight lighthouse themed modules using programs such as Bee-Bots, CodeBugs, and Scratch.