Portugal signs Memorandum of Understanding with Cisco to spread digital skills and boost the economy

The Government of Portugal and Cisco signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate in boosting the digital economy and innovation through entrepreneurship, digital skills, and the application of innovative technologies across different sectors. This program is just one example of governments collaborating with private technology companies to improve the digital skills of the population in order to boost the economy.

In terms of education and training, the MoU states that the private company will share its Cisco Networking Academy program to provide digital skills training for youth and seniors. The main target beneficiaries for this initiative are children from secondary schools, and eventually people above the age of 45. The main goal is to recruit 4,000 students in the online academy by 2020.

Additionally, the program will provide support for start-ups to access digital tools and financial resources in order to expand their businesses globally.

Sources: Daily Telescope and Tech Observer