Canada’s Coding the Future Survey highlights the challenges and opportunities of ICTs for education

Actua - CodingTheFuture

Actua – CodingTheFuture

Actua released the first Canada’s Coding the Future survey, which is intended to shed some light on the thoughts of Canadian youth and their parents about coding. The survey was distributed online to 1,500 youths and 1,500 parents or guardians.

Main results indicate that 9 in 10 parents and 7 in 10 youths believe that coding skills and digital technologies will be important for finding jobs in the future. However, further results indicate that more than half of both boys and girls do not feel confident about their coding and programming abilities.

Gender disparity was also present in the survey. While 50% of the boys were very, or extremely interested in pursuing coding or programming careers, only 27% of the girls expressed this level of interest. These results should raise a flag for Canadian institutions to address gender bias components from early ages that have been studied as one of the root causes for the existence of a gender digital divide.

Source: The Star