Costa Rican youth will receive digital skills training through two new initiatives

Numerous efforts are currently taking place in Latin America to improve the digital skills of youth and provide them with guidance to innovate using technology. On March 2018 two important initiatives took place in Costa Rica.

The first one consisted in the creation of a Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship through the collaboration of the Technologic Institute of Costa Rica and Samsung. The new center is intended to provide students with access to advanced digital skills that enable them to innovate and create businesses using technology. The program exemplifies the capabilities of academia and private sector to forge alliances that improve the opportunities for youth to enhance their digital skills and create new organizations.

The second initiative consisted in the organization of an “Aldea Digital” event. This program has been globally recognized because of the humongous number of people that it receives each year in different Latin American countries. This year in Costa Rica, more than 500 students gathered to participate in a series of workshops, conferences and educational activities aimed to bridge the digital divide and boost innovation at school.

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