Paradigm Initiative released 2017 Digital Rights in Africa Report sharing its experience training Nigerian youths in ICT skills

Paradigm initiative released its 2017 Digital Rights in Africa Report, where it explains how the organization provided free training in ICT and entrepreneurship for 667 Nigerian youth throughout the year. The organization, active since 2007, is now well known because of its LIFE (Life skills in ICT, Financial readiness and Entrepreneurship skills) program. It is currently operating three training centers in underserved communities from Lagos, Abia and Kano.

According to Tosin Abojali, Paradigm Initative’s Digital Inclusion program manager, “For many of our trainees, the LIFE program is their first productive contact with a computer system. Within ten weeks, we introduce them to the use of computer, Office Suite, web and graphics design, and programming languages, among other things. They leave our centres with useful skills that have seen many alumni’s earning abilities improve significantly. We give them a solid foundation that could be leveraged for a career in the ICT sector or outside it.”

in addition to training, the organization provides alumni with support to use their skills in the industry. As explained by Abojali, many of the trainees now have internship opportunities, while others are currently developing their skills as employees or entrepreneurs.

 Source:The Nation