Digital inclusion course trained 100 seniors to use smartphones in Paraná, Brazil

The Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of Paraná (Celepar in Portuguese) organized its fourth digital inclusion course for 100 seniors. The course, focused on teaching seniors how to use smartphones for their daily lives, was promoted by the Ministry of Arts and Sports of Paraná, Brazil.

Students came from many different areas. For example, Iracema Aparecida Ribeiro do Jeschi explained that despite her 72 years, she traveled a long distance by bus and taxi to learn how to use her cell phone to talk with her friends and family. Maria de Lourdes Maitelli, 62, said she attended the course to avoid prejudices and show people what she is capable of.

As explained by Natan Bretol, coordinator of the Ministry of Arts and Sports of Paraná, digital inclusion is very important for seniors, because it enables them to better communicate mostly with younger generations. “This knowledge approaches them to other realities,” he said.

Sources:Diario Sudoeste