Florida’s government signs bill that requires middle and high schools to teach computer science

A new law was signed in Florida, United States, to increase access to high quality computing science instruction for public middle and high school students. Bill HB495 follows the path of Computer Science for All program, which has been promoting improvements in schools computing science curriculum across USA since 2017. These efforts intend both to improve work opportunities for students in the future, and to teach them enhanced analytic problem-solving skills for their daily lives.

The bill’s text starts by defining computer science, and requiring schools to offer specialized courses. Those institutions that are not able to provide students with access to these materials are required to enable students to reach other online resources such as the Florida Virtual School (FLVS). Additionally, the bill creates opportunities for teachers to be trained and certified to further share knowledge with their students through government funding. Professors holding certificates and teaching computer science courses will receive financial bonuses.

Source: EdWeek, Wokv