The guide to digital inclusion for recruiters provides recommendations to improve accessibility for job seekers

A new report generated by Recite Me and VERCIDA indicates that only one out of three jobseekers thinks that employers and recruiters currently make job applications accessible for persons with disabilities. The survey seeks to raise awareness among organizations about the barriers faced by persons with disabilities when services such as online job applications are not made accessible to everyone.

As a response to this issue, Recite Me and Guidant Group generated a best practices document called: The guide to digital inclusion for recruiters. The guide supports The Equality Act from 2010 in UK, which requires employers to provide persons with disabilities with equal opportunities to apply for jobs. The main recommendations stated in the document are:

  • Follow WCAG 2.0 web design standards for content accessibility
  • Offer inclusive social media including for instance alt tags on images and video captions
  • Implement accessibility software solutions in websites
  • Carry out user testing, get feedback, and improve company’s platforms