UK Institute of Coding funds universities to enhance children’s digital skills

Welsh universities Cardiff and Swansea will receive £1.2 million pounds to support UK’s Institute of Coding to provide programming training in schools, colleges and communities. This organization was set up by the UK government to bring together experts and technology companies to boost the levels of digital skills among students from the region.

The funding will enable these organizations not only to train children, but also to improve the teachers’ skills in computing science so that they can better support their students. Additionally, some of the resources will be allocated to generate “Technocenters” where children will have access to computers and proper equipment to boost their skills.

This initiative is part of a broad effort currently taking place in the UK to meet the increasing demand for high-tech jobs. According to Education Secretary Kirsty Williams, “Having world-class digital skills is essential and it is vitally important that young people have the ability and knowledge to develop in this field.”

Source: BBC