Vodacom launched SMS Emergency for the Deaf to enhance accessibility for persons with hearing disabilities in South Africa

Vodacom launched a new service to provide persons with hearing and speech disabilities in South Africa with better access to emergency communications. The SMS Emergency Service for the Deaf (082 112) will be provided at no additional costs, offering hearing impaired customers an efficient method to request support from police, firemen and ambulances.

This type of services is each time more common in different countries, and is commonly provided both by governments and service providers. This highlights not only the importance of digital inclusion for promoting a society in which everyone has equal rights, but also the competitive advantages that accessible products provide for organizations in the market.

According to Karen Smit, Vodacom Principal Specialist for Specific Needs, “We are confident that this initiative will assist in promoting the ability to communicate for Deaf and hearing-impaired customers through digital inclusion as they can now request help should they experience an emergency situation”.

Source: IT News Africa