Republica Digital sparks curiosity for digital technologies during Santo Domingo’s International Book Fair

Republica Digital is Santo Domingo’s national program to promote digital inclusion and development through access to technology. During the recent International Book Fair in the end of April, Republica Digital offered thousands of visitors an introduction to technologies such as virtual simulators of the human body, drones, 3D printers and virtual reality devices.

The purpose of this booth was to share with children the relevance not only of ebooks, but also of digital tools for learning. Given the high relevance of technology for participating in today’s information society, this booth was considered one of the most successful by sparking curiosity among its visitors and introducing them to new methods for accessing contents.

According to Edilenia Tactuk, designer of the booth, this digital learning space was created to go beyond laptops and wifi, spreading access to a whole digital revolution that defines our way of living.

Source: Diario Digital and El Dia