Public and civil sector organizations leverage ICTs to address poverty and safety in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Coalizão Rio Digital Banner

Coalizão Rio Digital Banner

A group of public and civil organizations from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, forged an Alliance to provide 8,000 youth aged 14-29 years old from the periphery with Access to digital skills training. The initiative, called Coalizão Rio Digital, is intended not only to provide youth from underserved areas (better known as favelas) with access to employability and growth opportunities, but also to decrease poverty and insecurity in the city.

During the first phase, participants will have access to social entrepreneurship courses and an introduction to digital technologies taught by Recode non-government organization. The curriculum will include knowledge about internet, social networks, text editors and PowerPoint presentations. The second phase will prepare them for developing and managing projects. Finally, during the third phase, technology companies will provide training for other advanced digital skills, accomplishing a total of 100 hours of training on average for each youth.

Some of the organizations taking part on this project are Microsoft, IBM, Embratel, Cisco and the Brazilian Association of ICT Enterprises (Brasscom).

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