Ayitic Goes Global will train 300 women in Haiti

The Registry of Internet Directions of Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC) and the International Research and Development Center (IDRC) launched “Ayitic Goes Global”, an online training program to provide women entrepreneurs with skills to consolidate and improve internet infrastructure in Haiti.

The program offers two specializations to improve technical skills. The first one, Internet Practitioner, is oriented towards jobs that require advanced internet browsing capabilities. The second one, Data Practitioner, is oriented towards handling databases and leveraging information to improve decision making.

Between 2018 and 2019, Ayitic intends to reach 300 women aged 18 to 29 with these specializations, and an additional 150 specialized in network management and information security. Courses will be available in French and English on the Hybrid Technology for Education, Science and Knowledge platform.

The program was developed as a collaboration between the School of Infotronics of Haiti (ESIH) and the Caribbean Open Institute (COI).

Source: Haiti Libre