Artisans from Guanajuato receive digital training to scale their businesses

Handcrafts from Guanajuato by Notus

Handcrafts from Guanajuato by Notus

The Office of Foreign Commerce (Coordinadora de Fomento al Comercio Exterior (COFOCE) in Spanish) of Mexico launched a training to support 12 artisans from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, to embrace digital technologies and scale the distribution of their products. The training, provided through the Kichink platform, will continue to be distributed to more small and medium organizations to learn about the benefits of ICTs to improve their businesses.

According to Rubén Sepúlveda Aceves, director of COFOCE for the artisan sector, “From the 12 organizations that received our training, 2 have already established an online store. However, they have come back to us looking for answer to more and more questions. We are sure that this training will continue to spread among other small and medium businesses.”

Supporting small and medium organizations to embrace digital tools has a positive effect on the economy by enabling them to scale their production, leveraging different channels of communication, and ultimately boosting further entrepreneurship opportunities.

Source: Notus