Innovation and Autonomy hackathon invites French creators to build IT products for seniors

Next June 21 and 22, an Innovation and Autonomy hackathon will take place in Boulogne-Billancourt, a commune located in the western suburbs of Paris, France. Participants competition will use their skills to develop applications that increase the autonomy of senior population. Five main topics will be covered: social interaction, digital inclusion, healthcare, culture and mobility.

Given the relevance of digital technologies in today’s knowledge society, it is increasingly relevant for seniors to embrace digital technologies. Moreover, accessibility to tech products is expected to improve their quality of living in many ways.

Another subset of the competition will provide participants with products that are already developed, with the opportunity to use the organization’s infrastructure to test their products on real users to help creators scale their projects.

More information available at Hauts-de-Seine

Source: Le Monde Informatique