Coding Thailand e-learning platform to reach 10 million youth over the first three years

Coding Thailand Screenshot

Coding Thailand Screenshot

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) of Thailand launched the Coding Thailand project in collaboration with a group of partners from the private sector. The project intends to provide local youth with access to computational skills training that might encourage them to pursue technology careers in the future.

The estimated reach for the project is of more than 10 million youth over the first three years. It consists on a publicly available online platform that contains resources both for teachers and students to use without any cost. Contents of the site were elaborated in collaboration with, a non-profit organization that currently leads worldwide efforts to teach children how to code.

According to DE minister Pichet Durongkaveroj, “ will open up a new dimension of learning, as it encourages analytical thinking, problem-solving skills and creativity. All of these elements are essential for every occupation. They are also the foundation for pursuing advanced digital skills.” It is expected that the program will encourage more students to learn tools that are necessary for innovating and building a career in new STEM fields.

Source: Bangkok Post